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It was assessed the efficacy of drugs belonging to the class of actoprotectors and antihypoxants, which are prescribed for short-term adaptation of the human organism moving from middle altitude (1670 m) to high altitude (3750 m). Volunteers stayed at the middle altitude for 15 days before moving to the high altitude. Pandora Gioielli Outlet Prior to climbing, upon arrival at high altitude, and on the 3rd day, the state of the CNS, cardiovascular system, red and white blood growth, and some indices of the energy exchange metabolism were assessed. Drugs or placebo were administered in tablets after the first testing (one hour before moving to high altitude), upon arrival at altitude (next day, after breakfast), and on the third day (one hour before last testing). It is established that a combination of metaprote and ladasten (in doses of 0.125 and 0.1 g, respectively) favors acceleration of the short-term adaptation, which is manifested by the improved tolerance of physical activity at high altitude and the acceleration of white and red blood growth. In case of the combined administration of both actoprotectors, the adaptive reactions of tolerance and blood system were more pronounced in comparison to the administration of hypoxen (0.5 g) alone. A distinguishing feature of the reaction of the human organism upon taking the Gioielli Pandora Anelli combination of actoprotectors was that adaptation of the energy supply system (judging from metabolites studied) already took place in the first hours of staying at high altitudes, while the adaptation upon taking 0.5 g hypoxen was observed on the 3rd day and the adaptive reactions in placebo group were still developing on the 3rd day.



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